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Let the Sun Shine In

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I finally got my third and final tattoo. Let me just say, yes it hurt. The good news is it went a lot faster than I thought it would. YEAH for that. I white knuckled through it – and it’s amazing how certain tiny pieces hurt so much more than others. Let me just state now – yes, I know – I’m a wimp. I’m totally okay with that!

I’ll put pics up when I can. My new tattoo is of a sun with the words “Joyful Soul” around it, and then he fixed an older tattoo’s coloring. Happy day, just glad it’s finished!

I Hate the Dentist

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I know, it’s not like anyone likes the dentist, but I have a deep dislike that’s been in me since I was a child. Growing up I had a dentist who always yelled at me. I’d pass out whenever I got a shot of novacaine, then he’d call me a baby and yell at me. I’d ask to see my mother, and he’d yell at me. What a jerk!

If I had a dentist like that today, I’d be horrified, but I guess we accepted things a little differently back in the day. It wasn’t until I was about 25 years old that I realized, hey, I’m an adult and can get a new dentist.

I went for awhile, then just plain avoided them. I didn’t have problems, so I wasn’t going…until one of my fillings came out.

Today, I had to go and get a filling replaced. No fun, yuck, and I have to go back one more next week to replace 2 more old fillings I had gotten as a young child. After 20+ years, I guess they can wear down.

The dentist was surprised how clean my teeth were, and the lack of placque after not seeing a dentist for so long. I swear by the Sonicare…and my doctor agreed…it’s kept my teeth in great condition!  

Huge Crane near my Yard

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“Come see this crane, it’s huge”…he says.
“It better be worth it…I’m busy.”

“Holy cow!”

This was in our neighbors yard the other day, apparently part of their willow tree got knocked down during the wind and rain on Saturday.
Here comes the massive branch they had to pick up…
We were fine, except for the part where the branches are dangling over OUR car! Little nervewracking…


Being chopped up, and then back for a few more pieces…


Jack or JJ the Wonder Dog

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Last picture for awhile…I’m pretty well pictured out for today.
I know people take tons and tons of pictures. To me 3 or 4, and I’m done! LOL Oh well, guess I’m not the picture taking maven I once was….or jeez, was I ever really? Eh, who knows
We’ll be heading out to play shortly. :) Have a great day!


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Gracie’s Casualties

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When my boys were small, the house was littered with toys here and there. Soon, they were old enough to start picking up behind themselves. Graice loves toys….but she doesn’t pick up after herself! We’ve tried to teach her, but it isn’t happening…lazy dog.

If I try to pick up her toys and put them in a bucket, she doesn’t like it at all! She’ll go in one by one and pull them all out. She likes them spread all about, so she has easy access to them! We rotate out the worst ones when they go to the kennel. We take one to the kennel, and then say good-bye to it when we pick them up! Here’s a little bit of what my family room floor looks like today.


Little Dog wants nothing to do with toys. He could care less! We have one more dog coming into the family in 2 weeks. We’ve bought two toys for him, and we’ll see if he likes them. They have to be "Gracie" proof, but small enough for him. It was a tough search, but we found two perfect ones. Still…Boo (our beagle), not interested in toys.  

Here’s more of Gracie’s casualties left all over my floor!


This mallard duck is one of her favorites. She’s partial to toys with fur, so she can lick and bathe them! LOL It’s so cute…


Uh-oh, I see stuffing…time to sew up another one. She has three versions of this monkey. She loves him, and he’s held up to 120 pounds of dog for quite awhile. Call in the medics…err..I better get a thread and needle.


I think the yellow duck has seen better days. I guess he gets sent to the kennel during vacation time. She’s not much into cleaning up…that’s my job! 


Healing Pictures

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I used to participate on a regular basis in Self Portrait Sunday. My friend Cass used to host it over on I think she does it over on now. I got away from doing it for awhile, and the blog I used to post it on, I put into hibernation. I decided to take a picture this morning and tell you what happened to me when I started doing Self Portrait Sunday before.

I’m very self critical, or I should say, I’m self critical about some things. I’ll be honest, it used to be very hard for me to see a picture of myself that I liked. I either looked too fat, my face was too red, my hair looked bad, I had a double chin in it, and so forth. You get the idea…it was always something….and the thing is, I saw it more than others did.

When I started getting into the habit of seeing myself weekly in a picture, I found myself going from "I hate this picture" to "This one isn’t so bad". You see, honestly, once I got used to seeing myself in a picture, it wasn’t as traumatic to me. It sounds silly, but others started getting used to it also, and they were less critical over time. Instead of seeing things like, "I look bad today, but here it is", you’d see "This is me".

It’s healing to be able to look at yourslf, and not be disappointed in what you see. I used to wear make-up daily, and working from home, I got used to seeing myself without it. In the beginning, it really bothered me; now it doesn’t phase me in the least bit. 

We become more comfortable with ourselves when we can be okay with what we see in ourselves.

So….this is me, taken this morning May 18th. It could be better, it could be worse, but true enough, if you were at my house today, this is what I look like. You know what? I’m okay with that….and that’s a nice thing.

If you haven’t tried participating in Self-Portrait Sunday, give it a try. You may find it healing your inner critic as well.  


A New Addition

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I had an exciting day today. I got to go meet a couple of dogs. I went to decide which dog would be the new addition to our family. I went through a rescue group that we got both of our other dogs through. I love this woman…she is so good with the dogs, and she does such an amazing job with them.

We’ll be adding our family member next month. Because we’ll be going away in early June, we made the decision to wait a little bit, rather than bring him into our home, and then turn around and kennel him, which would be confusing. Stay tuned to see his pic shortly! 

Who’s Tolerating Who?

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They aren’t best buddies, though it would appear that they are. One loves the other more….unrequited love.


Actually, the cat adores the dog. The dog growls and says, “Leave Me ALONE!”, but the cat says no, and rubs against her face. He just refuses to give in. He is constantly wanting to be next to her when he’s feeling snuggly if my lap isn’t available. It’s kind of funny, 120 pounds of get away from me, and the cat just says NOPE and curls up.

They weren’t always like this. The cat avoided the dog, but one day, he changed his mind, and decided to make friends. Grace tolerates the cat a lot more each day, but it’s a ritual they go through daily!

My Breasts and 3 Card Monty

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It’s a funny thing, this thing called life.
Last week I was told they found a lump in my right breast. They took extra films of it…and while I was used to a lump in my left breast for the last few years, the right one was new to me. I was nervous since it was a new discovery. I told some of my friends, and they said a prayer for me, and kept me in their thoughts. One of my friends Ang said, let’s not just pray for good results, let’s pray that the lump is gone when they go to do the test.
…can you believe it, the lump was gone when they did the test today. WAIT…the story isn’t over yet. I was amazed, and thrilled…until they discovered a second lump in my left breast, next to the previous lump. Now my left breast has two small lumps side by side in it. Hmmm, once again waiting on results, this time ultrasound ones.
So here I am, going in for a lump in my right breast, they can’t locate it, it’s not there now! Funny thing is, the left surprised us!
I’m okay…it’s a wait and see game right now, and that’s about all I ca do…so until I be it.
(Hugs to my friends)…I appreciate your kindess and prayers.