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ID Labels that work as Temp Tattoo

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Have allergies? Maybe you’re diabetic? Have a child that is prone to seizures? There’s a great solution for kids on a class trip, or out at the zoo or amusement park…and maybe you aren’t with them. Did they go with a friend’s family, or on a youth group trip? offers temporary tattoo style identification. You can place not only your child’s name and an emergency contact number, but also information like: Allergic to Peanuts or Allergic to Bees, or Seizures or Asthma, or whatever you need to let someone know in an emergency.

This is something worth checking out if you or your child need emergency ID. It’s a simple solution that’s visible, or easily hidden….but something emergency responders will be able to find. Perfect for daycamps, a day out at the park with friends, a friend’s birthday party when you can’t be there…

They are waterproof and last for a couple days…currently the pricing is $25 for a pack of 18.

Flashback Friday and Pinball

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I went to an arcade with my son last night. There’s a place right outside of Flemington that sells arcade machines. Every Friday night they open up and have a play all night for $10 event.  My son goes for the arcade machines, and I go for the pinball. Last time I was there, they had 3 pinball machines in the front. I was thrilled to see they’d added 4 more machines in the back. I had 7 different pinball machines to play with.

What was really cool was the age range they were. Hot Line is a 1966 pinball machine, and the bumper points were worth a tiny 10 points. There was even a small bumper worth 1 point! Newer machines went electronic, and the latest machines go microchip. It was really neat to see the transition in things like artwork on the machines, the point values of bumpers and such. On Hot Line and a Bowling pinball machine from 1973, you were lucky to score a few thousand. Heck on Hotline– I’d get maybe 6,000 points, while on the bowling one I’d see closer to 60,000. On the newer machines like Dracula, I was scoring 10 million point bonuses! See how point ranges keep going up too?

If you’re in the area, you need to check out

I’m going to be adding them to my Hunterdon County site this week, so be sure to check that out too.

New Jersey is my Home

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I’m a New Jersey blogger. I’m not sure how I finally came to embrace New Jersey as my home. It’s funny because most of my family vacations were in New Jersey, down the shore, but I spent most of my life growing up next door in Bucks County, PA.

After getting married and moving to NJ, it took me awhile to adjust. Not that it was so different, but I moved into my husband’s house at the time, and there were moments that I felt like it was his house, not our house. I got over it after a little bit of time, and merrily went along my way realizing this was home.

I’ve been here (in NJ) more or less for 8 years now (5+ married, and 3 years commuting back and forth 4-5x a week!), but somehow or another, I ended up with a bunch of Jersey blogs, go figure. New Jersey is it’s own animal. It has it’s own unique dynamic. It’s not a sit by quietly kind of place, it sort of just grabs you!

So here I am…a NJ blogger, with a bunch of NJ blogs. It snuck up on me, but I guess I was just a Jersey girl waiting to break free!

Cape May, New Jersey and Other NJ Beaches

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Did you hear about the syringes washing up in Ocean City and Avalon? Such a shame with the Labor Day weekend here, since it’s a big weekend down there. I don’t usually go to those beaches, but I hate to hear stuff like this. Another beach I don’t frequent is Cape May.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Cape May, New Jersey.
I know people love the charm and Victorian feel, but it never did much for me. Recently, I was in Wildwood Crest, just a few moments away, and I had no
desire to go over and visit. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because Long Beach Island has all ready caught my heart,
and Wildwood is my playground. Don’t get me wrong, I have room to enjoy other
places. In fact, I was just down Sea
Isle City
during mid August and really enjoyed it.

The other popular Jersey shore that does nothing for me is Ocean City; though I hate to hear about problems like syringes washing up…sad, sad stuff.
People rave about it, but eh, just doesn’t hold anything for me. I’m sure if
they were the places I visited often as a child, they’d hold memories, and they
would be the beach for me. Oh yeah, one more….Point Pleasant; does nothing for

When I want a beachy place, I’ll take Beach Haven…if I want
a boardwalk, it’s Wildwood for me. What are you favorite beaches? Don’t even
get me started on the snobby north end beaches that have walls down the length
of them, so they’re damn near impossible to hang out on. What is that Sea Girt or Sea Bright? You can
have those and Asbury, and I’d be damn fine without them. Seaside Heights
is one I enjoy for a quick day trip, but it’s seen better days and is slowly going low rent. I hope someone
goes in there and spruces it up. It’s getting more than a little run down. I am seeing a lot of condo activity going on, so I think it’s going to improve its reputation over these next couple of years. Fresh money, people caring again…that’s always a good thing.

While Ocean City, Atlantic City,
Asbury, Wildwood, Point Pleasant and Seaside
all have boardwalks- Wildwood is the boardwalk we prefer.

Beaches without boardwalks…Sea Isle City (while they have a promenade), Long Beach Island and Cape May, I’ll take LBI in a heartbeat.

A Handful of Hunterdon County Parks

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There are a lot of Hunterdon County parks, but I’ve decided to list a few you may have forgotten or not visited lately. While we love the “Columbia Trail” …here are a few other places you may want to visit next weekend when the sun is shining!

1. The Hunterdon County Arboretum on Route 31

2. Deer Path Park on Woodschurch Rd (The Seafood Festival is coming in August!)

3. Jugtown Mountain Preserve on Mine Road in Bethlehem Twp.

4. Cold Brook Reserve is on Route 517

5. Sourland Mountain Preseve in East Amwell

6. Teetertown Ravine Nature Preserve in Lebanon Twp.

7. Wescott Nature Preserve in Delaware Twp.

Our Auto Train Experience

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Once again we hopped aboard the auto train in Lorton, Virginia and took it to Florida. One of the things that surprised me was how few people were aware what the auto train was. When you’re in a tourist place, people ask how you got there to make small talk, and when we say we took the auto train down, they aren’t familiar with it. Some are, but many are not.

The auto train is a special train that only runs on the East Coast. It’s run by Amtrak, and you can only board it if you also have a vehicle with you. It’s not your typical commuter train. It has one path, and one path only. It goes back and forth between Virginia and Florida. When you buy your ticket, you find you can’t buy a ticket unless you also have a vehicle, and you’ll be paying for that also. You can bring a motorcycle, van, truck or car.

You then also choose if you want to sit in a public coach seat, or if you’d like a private room. The private rooms come in different sizes. The thing is, it’s a 17 hour trip. You leave the station by 4pm at the latest, and arrive by 8 or 9 am the following morning. It runs each day….each way. When the train gets to Florida, you unload, and they unload the vehicles from their special trailers. They then service the train and get it ready to head back for the next trip. The people in Florida load up, and the train leaves by 4pm, and get up to Virginina between 8 and 9am….same thing, over and over again.

They serve dinner on the train in special diner cars, have a lounge car, show movies, and also have a special smoking area and car. There are bathrooms and showers. It’s an interesting experience.

We usually get a small room, and it makes sleeping on the train more comfortable. Seats fold down into bunks, and you doze off around 10 or 11pm, and arrive at your destination in the morning.

If you’d like more information about the auto train, just go to the Amtrak site, and search auto train. It’s a neat experience, and my son loves it. I don’t sleep well on the train, but like having my car with me on road trips. This time we took the train down, and drove back.

North, South or Central Jersey?

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There’s a line drawn between North and South Jersey, but we’re all Jersey girls and guys. Jersey has a unique quality about it. As soon as you say you’re from Jersey, people think they have an idea of who you are, or what you’ll be like.

Last night we caught an episode of Split Ends, and the Jersey guys on the show made me laugh. They are true to the idea a lot of people have, but my husband and I said…man, they’re really more “North Jersey” near the city. Closer you get to the city, the more you’ll get that “Jersey accent and talk”.

Where I live in Central Jersey, we don’t sound like that, and we don’t talk like that.

Go to South Jersey, and you’re close to Philly. North Jersey, closer to NY City…

Central Jersey…not close to anything. Okay, maybe Trenton, but come on…it’s like a blip on a map.
Central Jersey folk are sort of like middle America soccer Moms and Dads. We don’t have that thick accent, we don’t all look like Guido and Theresa with big poufy hair and hairspray, and we don’t all think or say bada-bing or think oh, Jersey/Sopranos.

We’re not the north or south…we’re sort of our own thing. The dividing line is funny. Some people say below Trenton is South Jersey, some people divide it by a highway, 95, 295 or 78. How do you divide Jersey?

I don’t consider myself North Jersey or South Jersey…I’m Central Jersey baby, and while I’m Jersey fresh, I’m not your typical Jersey girl! (or what other people think a Jersey girl is!)

Big Mac Jack Attack

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He’s sleeping, curled up in a small bed near my feet.

I’ve fallen in love with a little dog, and I can’t get up!!!

Jack is adapting well to the household, and he’s just a total love. Watching him is so much fun. When he gets rolling around with one of his toys, I just start laughing. He’s also doing well adjusting to the other pets, though he gives the cat a chase once in a while. They’ve been nose to nose a few times and do well…but if the cat runs, it’s time for a chase! It’s okay, Grace used to do it sometimes until she got bored too….they get used to one another in time.

He’s still adjusting to the noises of the house, or outside…so if he hears something he isn’t used to, he jumps up to check it out. He’s been really a delightful addition to our home.

We are going to enjoy having him here with us.

Settling into Middle Age

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There was a time where I cherished being the belle of the ball, or the center of attention. I wanted to look cute when I went out, and I wanted to appear somewhat young.

I finally found a comfort level in my 40′s that I’m just fine the way I am. I still take pride in doing things like my hair and makeup, but these days it’s for me, not for others.

I’m okay with my hair short and neat, rather than flowing and sexy. I’m okay with comfortable clothes that aren’t trendy and hip. I’m okay with being a mom and looking like a mom.

I’m content with my quiet life, and don’t need thrills to chase away boredom. Simple pleasures are just fine with me.

Welcome to middle age…I’m okay with being here. I thought I might fight it at some point, but I sort of like how 40 feels on me.

Rosacea and Mineral Make-Up; SEE the Difference!

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I know people get sensitive about their skin or how their faces look. Normally, I wouldn’t be displaying “before” pics of myself, because like most people, I’ve got a bit of vanity in me. On the other hand, when I got involved in skin care, I knew that my voice could help others. I have Rosacea, and it flares up now and then. Sometimes I flush more than other times, and sometimes it’s intense. I wanted to let other Rosacea sufferers know that mineral make-up can help you and make a difference. I’m including 3 pictures here. One is before, one is half of my face done, and the other is fully done. My face is really red today, so I thought today would be a perfect day to do this again. There’s a way to help with the redness…mineral make-up is so easy to use. It took me less than 3 minutes, and the difference is enough to make me feel better. If you haven’t given mineral make-up a try yet, consider it!