Important Tick Control Measures You Should Know

It is difficult to relax in your yard in the evening when you are constantly worried about tick bites. In worst-case scenarios, infections caused by tick bites can lead to Lyme disease and other serious diseases. Ticks as a species prefer a warm, moist environment. Hence, summer and spring are peak tick seasons.

If you have a yard that is frequented by animals, ticks are likely to breed there. If the menace gets out of control, you can take the help of tick control sunland park services. Alternatively, you can adopt some precautionary measures yourself to be on the safe side.

How To Control Ticks

·    Trim Your Grass

This is the most elementary measure that one needs to adopt first. Since taller grass offers cool and shady areas closer to the ground that ticks love. So, leaving your yard uncut is not a good idea, especially in moist seasons.

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·    Eliminate Tick Habitat

Remove old leaves, sticks, trash from your yard. They are the perfect hiding spots for ticks.

·    Keep Your Indoors Clean

Check your places indoors that are likely to house pests. Remember, ticks like warm dark places.

·    Use Cedar In Your Yard

Cedar is a natural repellant for ticks. Spread cedar mulch in your yard to keep ticks away. Cedar also repels other insects and pests.

·    Keeps Your Pets Ticks Free

Check your pets for ticks. Ticks latch on to animals and stay there. Spray them with insect repellants or remove the ticks with tweezers. Apply iodine to combat tick bites.

·    Use Tick Repellants

Spray your indoors as well as your yard with insect repellants.

Our tip

Ticks infestation can be a headache if it gets out of hand. These pesky blood-sucking insects may cause serious diseases if left untreated for long. If you are using pesticides, be sure to use state-approved and safe ones. If timely action is taken, the ticks menace can be avoided.